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ALTARRA Marketing Plan

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Security and Defense Company based in Kuwait provides products & service for companies & director consumers 


Yamaah Agency

Media Management

because we know you don't have the luxury

of time

Yamaah Agency being a professional company that develops and manages Talents & Events services and moving forward to add the advertising and digital marketing services, we come up with the following proposal for the esteemed brand "Altarra Co" as we believe in its potential and quality.

•The following steps considered to be a branding facelift and special digital platform development for the brand, to grant good exposure and more customers and sales.


Our Team experience and more...

Our skilled professional team who understands analysis will put strategies in place to improve business and move it forward to the right direction.

•Focus on business lacks points to fix and ensure happy & potential client returns.

•Provide an external viewpoint to internal challenges.

•Prompt a new perspective on customers or marketing strategies.

•Allow a business to focus on product development and overall operations.

Organizing Data
Branding uplift.
Window and White Wall

Branding uplift.

The first impression is everything...

We will guide and follow up on the missing details on the physical appearance of the place and the welcoming skulls of the person behind the desk to ensure an emotional and welcoming experience waiting ahead of any visitors and turn them into clients and forms a mental image they will not forget as soon as they leave to ensure their comebackAnd spread the word to others.

Digital Presence

Digital Presence.

Your Digital Appearance Is Just As Important As Your Physical Appearance.

Digital appearance is important as your physical, in a world of the digital era your  online presence is the foundation of local and international first impression for businesses collaboration and online costumers, and when we say digital appearance we're referring to the appearance of your website including your:


•Artistic media, photos and images

•Inspirational quotes

•Professional e-mail addresses

•Fancy background colors/patterns

• Digital email signature.

     & More...

Social Media Management

We connect you with your fan to turn them into costumers

The major social media platforms (at the moment) are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest.


We will create a relationship experience between you and your followers.


Analysis with monthly reporting of how the community reacts and change strategies based on the collected data.


Website Build & Design

From www to com 

Build & Design Websites

Partnering with Wix we can grow your business with powerful web apps. 

  • Mobile-Optimize

  • SSL Certified

  • App Market

  • Scroll Effects

  • Industry-Leading SEO

  • Advanced Design Features

  • Media Galleries 

  • eCommerce & More...

Website Build & Design
Social Media Management
Photo Studio


An idea and a storyline to be told in pictures.

YA Team has a great team to create posts, videos, and visual content that wow’s customers and bring them back to see what’s new.

Creating a campion photoshoot/video shoot for the company/products, taking care of all details to register behind the scene and in action moments.

A professional library material to be used on all digital and social media mentioned below:

Storyboard, Models,, Hair/Makeup, Photographer, Videographer, Location, etc

Digital Advertising

Marketing focus doesn't mean to be there only, but Also to shine among everyone.


Creates powerful opportunities to tell brand stories at scale and in context. Through ads on various devices and channels.

  •  Google Ads.

  • Facebook Ads.

  • Instagram Ads.

  • Snap Chat Ads.

  • Youtube.

  • Online Magazine.

  • Influencers & Bloggers.

  • Email marketing & More.

Digital Advertising


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