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ProntoWash 2022 
"Video - shoot"
Date:  16/03/2022
Time: TBC
Location: Private  "Jabriya

We have these  Options,
Please Note:   Most of the models are available afternoon in general and others on the weekend  since no date and time has yet been selected we can't guarantee any of them until we follow up again
Select a minimum of 2 t 3 options to replace the 1st or 2nd in case they are not available for any reasons .

Female models

Female Option

Option 1

Model Code: YAFME18D1
Price Rate: High

Notes: The model did not confirm her availability  yet because the timing was not set

Option 2

Model Code: YAFMEA1
Price Rate: 120 KD

Notes: The model Can be available only before 1 PM and can be flexible on Fridays

Other Option
Price Rate: Starts from 100KD to `125KD for the 2 hours

Female Models

Thank You

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