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Date: TBC
Time: TBC
Location: TBC

We have these  Options, and we will add more soon
Please Note:   Most of the models available afternoon in general and others on the weekend  since no date and time yet been selected we can't guarantee any of them until we follow up again

Select minimum of 3-5 options to replace the 1st or 2nd in case they are not available for any  reasons .

Female Option

Other Option 1

Model Code: YAFME21V2

Height 177cm
Bust 85
Waist 63
Hips 95
Shoes 39-40


Other Option 2

Model Code: YAFME24Y2

​​Languages: Arabic 


Ethnicity: African/Black

Height: 174cm

Weight: 59kg

Hair Type: Curly 

Eye color: Brown 

Skin color: Brown

Hair color: Black


Waist: 70

Tattoos: none

Top: Small 
Pants: Medium

Shoe size:38

Option 3

Model Code: YAFME24B1

​​Languages: Arabic, English

Ethnicity: Arab 

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 56-57kg

Hair Type: Curly

Eye color: Brown

Skin color: Olive 

Hair color: Brown 

Chest: 85 cm

Waist: 64 cm

Tattoos: 2

Top S-M
Bottom M
Shoe size:39

Option 4

Model Code: YAFME24F1

​​Languages: Arabic ,French ,English fluent

Ethnicity: Arab/Tunisian 

Height: 172 

Weight: kg 70

Hair Type: straight long 

Eye color: dark brown 

Skin color: ivory 

Hair color: brown 



Tattoos: no tattoos 

Top M 
Pants 38 
Shoe size: 40

Other Option 5

Model Code:

​​Languages: Arabic ,French ,English fluent

Ethnicity - European

Info & Physical Details:

Skin color - white

Eye color:
Hair Color: Blonde:
Hair type: Normal
Hair style: 
Hair Length - till shoulders

Height 1,71 cm

Chest - 86 cm
Waist - 65 cm
Hips - 91 cm Hair color

​Dress S/M 
Top: S
Shoes size -  39-40

Option 6

Model Code: YAFME24K1

Hight: 178
Bust: 81
Waist: 65
Hips: 87 

Dress size: S/M
Shoe size: 40


Option 7

Model Code: YAFME24L1

Languages:  Spanish/English

Eyes:  honey

Hair: blonde

Skin color: white

Height: 175cm
Size- s/m-38/40

Top: s/m

Chest/Bust: 90B

Waist size: 71cm

Hips: 107cm

Bottom size 38/40

Shoes 39

Option 8

Model Code: YAFMEK1

Languages: English , Russian , Kazakh, Spanish 

Ethnicity: Caucasian 

Height: 170

Weight: 52 kg

Hair Type: wavy , mid- length

Eye color: brown 

Skin color: light 

Hair color: . Brunette 

Chest: 86 cm

Waist:  63 cm

Hips: . 88 cm
Tattoos: left arm, 10 cm,
Left shoulder blade 15 cm

Top: 36, хs-S
Pants : 36, s
Shoe size: 38

Option 9

Model Code: YAFME18D1


Languages: Arabic , English

Ethnicity: Arab/ Kuwait

Height 167 cm
Weight 58 kg

Top M

Pants 38

Option 10

Model Code: YAFMEG1

Thank You

Female Models
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