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Yamaah AGENCY Happy to announce Joining the small Group of B-boys (K TOWN HIP-HOP) to their family Gathering

B-boy is a small group of (break dancers) with the biggest idea, gathered to teach and spread the elements of Hip Hop through making events, show performances, Dance classes and interviews

The big idea is to unite people under the hip-hop culture to help them express themselves in any way they like to since hip-hop isn't Just RAP music ,it has Four elements

DJ-ing ,MCing ,Breakin'(breakdance) and Graffiti writing

With those four elements that can be suitable to everyone and with no discriminate to race, class, gender, age, level of education and history

With this brief introduction to the Hip-Hop Culture which we are trying to spread and make it popular here in Kuwait where it's most needed.

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