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Shaikha Jumaa is the first style coach in the GCC, representing international experience with a local sense of fashion, in order to provide a wide range of styling services to all fashion lovers.

everyone is beautiful and different. By knowing what suits you the most, you can look the best. Shaikha's goal is to give the opportunity to all clients to know and explore their 'color palette', in order to choose the perfect outfit, make-up and beauty products.

  Image consultation is a lifetime chance to all of fashion and beauty seekers to know more about their style, personality, body shape and techniques how to look the most beautiful in all situations and occasions and choose the right patterns, structures and colours.


We give the opportunity to all VIP and regular clients to change their lives by organizing their wardrobes.

Shaikha Jumaa as an expert in styling field, She is becoming a style icon by revolutionizing fashion norms in GCC. Her motto is: "changing people lives with colors". Shaikha Jumaa brings out to her client's inner beauty by doing colors analysis, style consultations and personalized

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ترتيب خزانه الملابس
wardrobe organizing

تحليل الالوان للبشره
Colour analysis

التسوق الشخصي
Personal shopper

تنسيق الملابس 

 تحليل شكل الجسم وشخصيه اللبس
 Image consultant

تجهيز العرائس
 Bridal consultant

Style Code

Style Code

Style Code
Shaikha Jumaa Make Over شيخه جمعه

Shaikha Jumaa Make Over شيخه جمعه

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Shaikha Tips    شيخه جمعه

Shaikha Tips شيخه جمعه

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Shaikha Jumaa ٍأشلون ألبسه ؟ مع شيخه جمعه

Shaikha Jumaa ٍأشلون ألبسه ؟ مع شيخه جمعه

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تحليل شكل الجسم وشخصيه اللبس ٢-التسوق الشخصي ٣-ترتيب خزانه الملابس ٤- تنسيق الملابس ٥-تحليل الالوان للبشره ٦-تجهيز للعرايس ٧-بالاضافه الي الكثير من الخدمات My services: 1...
Style Coach
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